Altar Servers

We are blessed locally with several trained altar servers who have regularly and diligently served the Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

Altar servers for Mass in the Extraordinary Form may apply for membership of the Society of St Tarcisius.

Men and boys interested in learning to serve at the altar are invited to contact us.

Teach yourself

The website Sancta Missa provides a comprehensive guide on Learning to Serve at the Altar.

Server Rota

Servers who have volunteered for particular Sundays are listed below.   Please let us know as soon as possible if for any reason you are unable to come.


 AD 2017









 Sun 26 Nov
   24th & Last Sunday after Pentecost
 John  Steve  Damian  Peter  Tim  
   Sun 10 Dec    2nd Sunday of Advent (CANCELLED)              
   Sun 24 Dec    Vigil of the Nativity ( *** NO MASS ***)

 AD 2018

   Sun 14 Jan    2nd Sunday after Epiphany
 2  Steve  Alastair        
   Sun 28 Jan    Septuagesima  3  Steve  Damian  Peter B      
   Sun 11 Feb
 3  Steve  John  Columb      
   Sun 25 Feb    2nd Sunday in Lent  4  Steve  John  Damian  Peter    
   Sun 11 Mar    4th Sunday in Lent  2  Steve  Peter H        
   Sun 25 Mar
   Palm Sunday
 4  Steve  Damian  Peter B  John    
   Sun 8 Apr    Low Sunday  2  Steve  Peter H        
   Sun 22 Apr    *** NO MASS ***              
   Sun 29 Apr
   4th Sunday after Easter (*** EXTRA ***) 
 3  Steve  Damian  Peter B      
   Sun 13 May    Sunday after Ascension  2  Steve Peter H        
   Sun 27 May
   Most Holy Trinity
 2  John  Peter H        
   Sun 10 Jun
   3rd Sunday after Pentecost
 3  Steve  Peter B  Damian    
   Sun 24 Jun    Nativity of St John the Baptist  3  Damian  Peter B  Peter H      
   Sun 8 Jul    7th Sunday after Pentecost  1  Steve  Damian  Peter B      
   Sun 22Jul    9th Sunday after Pentecost
 3  Steve  Damian  Peter B    
   Sun 12 Aug    12th Sunday after Pentecost (Fr Paul Lester)  2  Steve  Visitor        
   Sun 26 Aug
   14th Sunday after Pentecost
 1  Steve        
   Sun 9 Sep
   16th Sunday after Pentecost (Fr George Grynowski)
   Sun 23 Sep
   18th Sunday after Pentecost (Fr George Grynowski)
 5  Steve  Damian  Peter B  John  Tim  
   Sun 14 Oct    21st Sunday after Pentecost (Can. Amaury Montjean ICKSP)  2
   Damian  Peter B    (~ S)  
   Sun 28 Oct
   Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King (A Canon of ICKSP)
 3  Steve  Damian  Peter B      
   Sun 11 Nov
   Requiem Mass (Centenary of the Armistice)  3  Steve  Damian  Peter B      
   Sun 25 Nov
   24th & Last Sunday after Pentecost  1  Steve          
   Sun 9 Dec    2nd Sunday of Advent    Steve          
   Sun 23 Dec    4th Sunday of Advent    Steve