Pipe Organ

The pipe organ at St Wulstan's was originally built by John Nicholson, founder of Nicholson's Organs, in 1870.   It is located sideways in the west gallery from where it speaks freely into the church below.  The beauty of the old pipework is still evident and the Great Stopped Diapason and Flute 4' are particularly lovely.

The compass of organs in 1870 had not yet been standardised and here the Swell organ stops stop at tenor C.   The bottom octave is simply coupled to the Pedal Bourdon.   Similarly the pedal compass was only 20 notes although a 29-note pedalboard has been fitted at some point.   Both of these aspects present a serious challenge to any organist attempting the usual repertoire.

Space between the Swell and Great is so restricted that the back stop on the Great, a trumpet, become badly damaged. and was replaced by a mixture which provides a greater prospect of reaching the pipework for tuning.

In 1981 twelve stopped bass pipes were provided to complete the swell compass in the bass.   These pipes are necessarily outside the swell box and therefore not under expression.   A further modification was carried out in 2008 when the pedal compass was extended from 20 to 29 notes using electric action.   Whilst such additions may detract from the organ's heritage value the desireto make them is quite understandable from the point of view of an organist charged with providing music every week.   (All of these alterations are reversible should anyone in the future desire to revert to the original design.)